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Evans Body Shop, Inc offers a variety of auto repair services, all with great efficiency. We understand the importance of working with a reliable auto body shop. Whether you're needing collision repair, glass repair or a paint job, we take pride in all our services. We'll take care of your vehicle with no worries on your end. Free estimates and financing available!

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Collision Repairs

Accidents happen without warning and can cause a real problem if you depend on your car every day. That's why we strive to offer you the best auto repair services for any type of bodywork you might need!

We specialize in all makes and models and are more than equipped to repair even the most severely damaged vehicles.


Let Evans Body Shop, Inc help you customize the look and feel of your ride with a seamless new paint job. Whether you want a fresh new coat or you just need a few areas touched up, we can deliver! We house a computerized paint-matching system to get the exact shade you want. Our experts are meticulous with an eye for detail; we'll transform your ride into the luxury automobile you've always wanted.


Frame damage is a common result of many auto accidents. And when it occurs, you'll need to have an expert fix it. So leave it to us! We have the equipment to properly re-align and restore your vehicle's frame shape in no time! In fact, we utilize computerized frame measuring techniques for complete accuracy.


If you own a truck, getting a spray-in bed liner is a must! Why? There are a few reasons. Not only does it give your truck an elevated look, but it helps to protect your truck bed from weather elements, scratches, and dings from day-to-day life. Call us today at (479) 410-1147 to get a quote!


When your vehicle's AC system runs out, it's never a good time. Not to worry, our auto techs can examine your car's AC system to check for leaks, loose fittings, or other issues causing the problem.


Over time, your headlights become dull due to exposure. You may notice discoloration and a lack of brightness or, in some instances, little to no light. We can restore your headlights back to their original shine!


From exterior washing to full interior cleaning, Evans Body Shop offers comprehensive auto detailing services that will take your ride from grime to shine. We handwash all surface areas of your cars, trucks, and SUVs for a spotless appearance. Tired of the clutter and stains on your seats and floorboards? We'll take care of it!